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DAVID DANIELS, M.D. – Plastic Surgeon

Dr. David Daniels attended medical school at UMDNJ and has been in practice since 1998. His medical expertise combined with his patient and professional manner has created a successful and well-respected practice.  Dr. Daniels is held in high esteem by both his colleagues and patients; he has built his practice on his dedication and patient referrals.  Dr. Daniels specializes in Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is always the favorite kids’ doc for pediatric trauma and other plastic surgery needs.  In addition to surgery for all ages, his practice also includes many aesthetic options such as lasers, fillers, neuro-toxins, skin care, fat reduction, skin tightening…and more.  In an initial consult visit, Dr. Daniels discusses the patient’s concerns and the various options available to achieve results.  After exploring options and expectations, the patient and Dr. Daniels set goals and decide on a course of action that fits the patient’s individual needs.  Through procedures and follow-up care, Dr. Daniels and his staff are always there for questions and support.  He is affiliated with both Overlook Medical Center, in Summit, and St. Barnabas Medical Center, in Livingston, New Jersey.

Kid Friendly
Dr. Daniels has a natural talent for working with children.  Dr. Daniels did a high volume of both reconstructive and trauma pediatric surgery during his training at Montefiore Medical Center, where he discovered an innate ability to keep his young patients calm and relaxed.  Dr. Daniels has consistently been chosen as one of NJ’s favorite kids’ doctors.


Since 2009



In today's complicated medical field, I must share that Dr. David Daniels is the most accomplished, caring, talented, selfless, personal, reachable medical professional I have been blessed to have care for me in time of need. I can attest that his skills are exceptional. Removal of a deep questionable growth from my face, leaving virtually no scar in the front of my cheek, is the reward for choosing Dr. Daniels. The next was a repair of a deep gash in a calf muscle by a most unfortunate accident I had. The repair was a 2.5 hour procedure: I call 'putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again'. Indeed he did just that. Not only is there no scar, but the nerve and muscle in the location of the injury is perfectly intact.

Dr. Daniels' follow-ups were by phone, and in office, scheduled in timed increments that were attentive, responsible, gracious, professional, and most of all, caring. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. David Daniels as well as for his amazing office staff.

Short Hills, NJ

My first encounter with Dr. Daniels was under less than optimal circumstances. I had just been called from my daughter's soccer coach who informed me she had sustained a "substantial" laceration to her forehead. She was 16 at the time. My first concern was for her medical well-being, however, one cannot ignore an injury that would obviously have scars both physically and emotionally.

I was to meet the ambulance at OMC ER. Arriving before my daughter, I sought out the ED nurses who were working at the time. You see, I am a nurse myself, the best referral recommendations come from those who work on a daily basis with the doctors. We nurses KNOW who we would want to take care of our loved ones. The first question I asked was..."How is this Dr. Daniels?" All responses were favorable!...setting my mind at ease, I waited...

My daughter arrived, the exam began, and the next thing I knew, he was suturing...I don't know who he calmed down daughter or me, but before long both of us were smiling and feeling fine. Of course I watched the procedure, his skill and technique...after all I am still a nurse...all were excellent! The outcome was miraculous! My daughter still goes to him...she only trusts him, telling me "he treats me like I'm his own kid".

THAT was 10 years ago! An experience like that takes a toll on a mom, not to mention the "usual" aging...wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots... thus began a wonderful relationship with Dr. Daniels...his skin care regime has been incredible. Of course skeptical at first, I trusted and tried. Glad I did! What a difference within the first 6 weeks...he is a master at Botox...skilled at fillers! I have had some biopsies done on my face by him...NO scarring...

And best of all...I never worry about wrinkling my face when smiling while watching the amazement in people's faces when they hear my age...knowing Dr. Daniels has it under control!

Springfield, NJ

In 2012, I reached out to David Daniels, MD because I felt that my upper eyelids had gotten heavy in the aging process and was contemplating an eyelid lift. Dr. Daniels asked if I would re-address the issue in a year, after following his skin treatment recommendations. Since then, I have never given the my original purpose for visiting Dr. Daniels a thought.

My skin regimen was difficult at first as my skin adjusted to the products. But now, I am so very pleased with my skin. When people find out my age, they are surprised and I love the compliments I receive about my skin!

Being pro-active about this aging process has brought me success and confidence. I am so thankful to Dr. Daniels and Sherry Dean for their treatment, care, advice, and support. I love knowing them and cherish the relationship we have formed.

Elizabeth K.
Millburn, NJ